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The Big Blue-Inner View

Tranquility or 'soft fascination': that is engaging with the natural environment with no cognitive effort other than stepping out of your overcrowded mental space. It is only then that true reflection comes. Place: Amorgos, Greece

The Light Leak

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."-Leonard Cohen

* And it winks at you. *

Place: Amorgos, Greece

Colors of life

Somewhere within the nucleus of the Big Apple.

When the rainbow melt over the park.

Place: Central Park, New York


City life

Walk this way.

It is routine, it is patterns.

Place: Manhattan, New York


Video by me.

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Into the "Devil's Throat"

The silver lining into the milky abyss.

"Poor Niagara"-Eleanor Roosvelt

Place: Iguazu Falls, Brazil-Argentina



Timing never times out

You have to be just.

You have to be fast.

Indeed, it's a ! splash.

Place: Sifnos, Greece



Don't play safe

Sun sets so as to rise again

Waterfront tennis.

Besides, play is a threshold experience.

Place: Yialova, Messinia, Greece.


Cycles are vicious.

Life is cyclical.

Place: Mykonos, Greece.