The story of your life is not your life, it is your story...

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As the novelist John Barth once wrote, “The story of your life is not your life. It is your story.”

But how do you make sense of that?


Of course, the mere facts of your life matter; they always did, and they will certainly do. However, despite the undeniable weight of objectivity, life is not a controlled experiment. Thus, it is your personal narrative that matters most,

it is the way you look that defines what you see.

So, what’s your sense of the meaning of your life? This is closely linked to your life story, plus the way you (re)frame it.

Illustratively, I like to think of it as a BOX. I am in my box. You are in your box.

To better percolate the notion-your notion, you have to come in and out at a pace-your pace.

I mean you have to get out of the box, to get the whole picture, but then you have to get inside again for a more nuanced view.

Every time you are supposed to make even more sense.

Again, I can imagine this as similar to watching the same movie again. Don’t you observe what you had previously missed? This is the mere exposure effect and it applies here too; the more you expose to yourself, the more you open up and go deeper. You move from a rather conspicuous silence to the limelight, from your ineffable thoughts to your “aha” moments. And do you know what is even more important? This loop is positive…your self-awareness is being reinforced and your resistance neutralized. You are “stronger” and, because of this, willing to be more vulnerable.

Besides, opposites sometimes meet, don’t they?


So, go and make more sense or…exsqueeze it…

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