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Updated: Mar 24, 2019


I am Mirella. I am a pharmacist and current MBA candidate, based in Athens, Greece. I love writing and taking photographs, but, perhaps even more, I enjoy the opposites; that is reading and looking at photographs, trying to make sense of what others were thinking or feeling throughout their personal creation process. Many times I apply this to myself too, trying to figure out my own subconscious drivers. I am also enthusiastic about contemporary dance!

So, this is a blog that reflects exactly what entices me; symbolisms and correlations about the things I love. It is the expression of feelings and the trigger of thought through words, images, movements. Words, images, movements. That's part of you...or all of you, right? Look it the other way too. Always the other way too.


The blog is published as a project for my Digital Business Strategies course of the ALBA MBA. Yet, I insist on "that other view". Hence for me, it is a challenge to expose and overcome myself, an incentive to communicate and thus enhance my perspective. A way also to better "meet" people who I admire for the way they think of what they see. And I invite you to meet me and them along with me. Enjoy...

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