Do you believe you can cross yourself?

Most lines cross others. They meet, interact, and again depart; they move forward. That's the normal course of a railing line, right?

Now...REFRAME this. Always try to reframe. Our assumptions are most of the time self-imposed.

Having done so, what do you see? You can see lines that are more flexible-kind of rebels against and above their own standards. They can even be not lines anymore. They can move back and forth, or up and down, they can also bend and become curves, or change in speed and color.

It can also be the same line, that crosses the exact same point in space [or-reframe again-time (time goes back that way!)].

Having admitted my thoughts, that's what I see...When I look at this picture, I can see the "same" line twice. It is reflecting its old position. Yet, it has a different direction and it has altered its orientation. It is also more vivid-noise expunged.

I can also see M.

P.S. You can imagine ANYTHING else. Imagination does come in a box (there's nothing wrong with boxes, right?), but with limits that are not fixed; they can expand as much as you want to push them.

Place: Trikala, Thessaly

Photo by me.

#lines #crossovers #landscape_captures #trappingtones #gramslayers #theothershot

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